Friday, 22 July 2016

Our last day together

Today was wonderful! Spending time with our friends, chatting while enjoying a bun, thank you Jacob's Mum, and we finished it off with our Talent Show.

The Talent Show

Thank you for an amazing year, it's been the best!! Together you raised £537 for the sponsored event. That's the most any FS2 class has ever raised, we are so grateful to you. 

Thank you for cards and presents, you are very generous. The messages in cards brought tears to our eyes, we have been blessed with a class of fabulous children.

Bring your photos for the sunflower competition on your first day back in September. I already have Alfie's and Jamie's. I will give out the winning prize Monday 12th September to the person who has the tallest sunflower 🌻. This gives your sunflower time to open it's beautiful petals.

Have a wonderful summer everyone 🌞

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